The Logistics Specialist of The African Route – An interview with Shanghai Xuzhou Logistics Co., LTD

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Abstract: Shanghai Xuzhou Logistics Co.,LTD. is a professional transport agent company of which the main business is African routes. Since the company was set up in 1994, it has focused on the treasure land, Africa to seek for development, then a magical journey to Africa has begun.

  Shanghai Xuzhou Logistics Co.,LTD. is a professional transport agent company of which the main business is African routes. Since the company was set up in 1994, it has focused on the treasure land, Africa to seek for development, then a magical journey to Africa has begun.




The overview of plans and policies set by the company

  It’s known to us all that since the policy of Reform and Open was carried out, the trend of foreign trade in China has been thriving and the passion for exporting has been high. The company leader of Xuzhou was also graduated from a foreign trade university and of course, he saw the precious business opportunity. With the increase of exporting, relevant supporting industries were bound to be more mature, thus, there is today’s Shanghai Xuzhou Logistics. So why the company chose the African route at that time?

  Reasons are as follows:

  1. The labor - intensive industry is the majority in China, however, Africa is a region which has a serious shortage of finished products. With the stimulation of the national conditions, China and Africa mutually get benefits from each other.

  2. Political reasons: Africa has always been the partner of China on the political level so we are bound to make contributions to the African friends. More and more projects’ center move to Africa and as expected, the cooperation between Africa and China moves in the right direction gradually in the coming 20 years. Thus, the company chose the routes at that time and made them the life source of the company.

  3. The difficulty oh the routes: We can only make profits by doing something others can’t do. At that time, there were already professional organizations for the exporting operation to Africa routes, such as FORM NO; BA NO in Nigeria, CNCA in Angola, CTN in cote d 'ivoire., BV in Congo, Kenya, Dar es and so on, which adds more difficulty to the foreign trade staff.



The deep relationship between Xuzou and Africa

  With the struggle of the first pioneers of Xuzhou, the company has breakthroughs in different product industries: textiles, auto parts, engines, batteries, daily necessities, medical equipment, agriculture, hardware, building materials, etc. However, what makes us proud of is not how big the scale is or how many customers there are. It’s that while we are making progress together, the company becomes an indicator of foreign trade and we master the latest news from each direction in Africa. We become the behalf of the foreign trade staff. Mastering the latest resource means mastering the latest dynamic state, as a result, we will be in the lead. The staff in Xuzhou all know this and that’s what we rely on to keep a foothold in Shanghai Bund. That’s also the experience why Xuzhou can stand for so many years.

The relationship with the transport contractor(shipping company)

  The growing Xuzhou gains more and more attention of a lot of shipping companies and how is tits relationship with the shipping companies?

  It can be summarized as two words: rely on. The shipping companies rely on the agent companies to collect goods’ quantities of the market and the agent companies rely on the shipping companies to use quantities to get the profit maximization. Xuzhou logistics has always been the central agent company of MSK African routes. We can hit the rigid target MSK give us these years. After all, the relationship is based on profits and only profits can make the cooperation smoother.

The industry of used clothes came quite unexpectedly.

  The company had always been carrying out the principle of communicating with customers. Someday, a customer come back from Africa said: now there were Africans buying used clothes of China. This caught the attention of company leaders. If, China, used clothes, export and Africa, these keywords could get connected and be explored, this was bound to be a brand-new field which the company had never came across. The business opportunity emerge gradually and the company decided to study about the industry. After studying for 5 years, Xuzhou exists in the industry not only as an agent company, but also a friend of the export merchants because we always think about problems, discover problems and make suggestions from the perspective of customers. When facing a hard case, our employees work with assiduity. We establish a reputation in this industry. To be honest, the market’s opening of this product rely more on the verbal recommendation among friends because a word of your friends is better than thousands of words of our employees.

  Xuzhou said in proud:” we let nobody down in this field. We are not afraid that the merchants choose us and we are only afraid they don’t choose us because we are a team which work for the merchants with honesty. “


The differences of Xuzhou and other agent companies.

  1. We are professional in the African routes and we know more comprehensively about the African conditions than others.

  2. When exporting from Shanghai port to Africa, our cost price is the best among the 30000 agent companies. What’s more, we can provide the accurate price of African inland very fast.

  3. We can get large quantity of goods into the port. The max weight Xuzhou has loaded was up to 34 tons.

  4. The feature of customs declaration: the customs broker itself is a third industry enterprise under customs and it’s a state-owned enterprise. And it’s the only AEO enterprise among the customs brokers in China. Its inspection rate is 10 to 20 percent lower than others. Used clothes has never been kept back by customs.

  5. Value-added services: we provide free container use for 14 to 21 days in ports in Africa. Aiming at the actual situation, customize exporting projects for customers. For example, at the same point, we can provide ships from Yangshan or from foreign ports. The customer can choose the scheme according to the factual situation.

  6. We can handle any certificate and inspection exporting to Africa for you such as CNCA, BV, FERI, health certificate and certificate of origin. We can also do the customs declaration for you.

  7. The feature of software service: the operation staff of the company are all skillful who have experience for more than 10 years in this industry. They make sure that no mistake will take place in the shipping link. They react fast when meeting problems and can make useful suggestions.

  8. We will update the latest information of arrival to the port for the customer in order to avoid the extra container detention charge in the destination port.

  9. The company funds are all self-support funds. We bought the offices on our own(which is hardly can be done by other agents.) Thus, no matter how time flies and how people changes, Xuzhou is always here.

  10. The motorcade advantage: we have our own motorcade and the daily packing ability is up to 200 TEU.


  Management idea of Xuzhou: We work for customers with honesty!

  Address: Room BCDE, 18th floor in Luxun Building, No.568 in Ouyang Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai

  Sales Manager: Zhao Jie

  Phone: 021-65875083 Mobile Phone: 13761103893

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