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used bags in Guangzhou

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  • The supplier does not specify
  • US $ 1.10-1.55/kg
  • 12/Ton(s)
  • 7/Container
  • We will shopping in 3 day(s)
  • T/C,T/T
  • Asia China-Mainland GuangDong

Product details

 Our company was set up in Guangzhou Guangdong province in 2012, we specialize in second-hand clothes, bags and shoes. And we offer one-stop service for importers of second-hand goods in Africa and Southeast Asia, including from the material-choosing, sorting, packing, loading to shipping, and besides that, we can also follow the different request of importers to sift, sort and pack. To try our best to make our customers satisfied. We have a warehouse in Guangzhou, and because of the huge market of China and the continuously improving living standard, and the quality of our material becomes better, and the quantity of becomes more. And we have our own standard to buy material, most of our materials come from well-developed region, such as the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone,Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Zhuhai and so on, and Yangtze River Delta Area, Shanghai and its surrounding cities. In the process of becoming finished product from materials, there are 5 or 6 quality inspections. In order to make sure the quality of finished product and provide the second-hand goods for Africa and Southeast Asia with quality and quantity.

we are directly factory of used clothes in China,we can supply best quality used clothes,either winter clothes or summer clothes.
you are welcome to send me quotation and visit our facotry to check the goods.
 Work Process
1.Collection: we collection good quality raw material from school, house or small recycle shop
2.Sorted: as client’s requirement, the second hand clothes material are sorted into more than 30 items also each item is sorted into Grade A and B
3.Check: after sorting, every item must be checked to make sure the quality.
4.Packing: each item will be packed as client’s requirement, like 100kg/bale, 80kg/bale or 45kg/bale
5.Loading: the container come to our factory, and then load the container

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